Hencmen Rules

A Henchman’s CR can not exceed 1/4 of the PC they are henching’s total level.

Each Henchmen has a loyalty pool equal to their recruiters Charisma score

Each time a Henchman experiences some special success, such as surviving a heroic battle, achieving a goal or bond, or being rewarded with a significant piece of treasure, their Loyalty increases by 1d4.

Each time a Henchman suffers something very bad, such as being reduced to 0 HP, being abandoned by the party, being involved in a rout or being stinted on pay or treasure, their Loyalty decreases by 1d4. In addition, roll a D20. If the result is greater than their Loyalty score they abandon you and stop being your Henchman. If their currently Loyalty is 15+ when they do so then they leave on good terms. If their Loyalty is 5 or less then they leave on bad terms. Otherwise they just pack up and make their goodbyes as quickly as possible.

Pay: 2GP per day or 1 half share of treasure, (currently subsidized by business profits and outside work organization)

Hencmen Rules

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