Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 3

Master of Puppets... sort of

  • Traveling up into a Citt store room the party briefly raided a weapons rack before pressing onward.
  • With little to no effert the party detained the Citt's singular posted guard took him hostge. Armadylo tried to intimidate the hostage by aggressively juggling cobra eyes at him… but just sort of ended up spilling them on the floor.
  • After Thozgar, successfully intimidating the guard by screaming in his face, the party stacked two each on a pair of doors leading into the Citt's command center.
  • Mcgee forced his way into the room, hostage held at knife point where he found a masked man accompanied by a pair of Snakemen wielding crossbows.
  • Negotiations were attempted, The masked man had one of his guards shoot the hostage then mused about an explosion everyone heard in the distance.
  • In no uncertain terms the Masked Man explained that he was sent from Khemi to quell the slave rebellion. Instead of opening fire on the party he offered them a gold reward to kill up whoever might have survived the explosion a few blocks away.
  • Put off guard by the twist of events the party took the job and slayed the remaining Citt and Khal, briefly asking a coherent Citt for information on the Khemi Operative the half dead man rambled something about him bringing the serpent creatures from earlier and them winning Yig's favor, Them he was granted quick death in exchange for the information.
  • Returning to the Citt's former base the party found their promised reward as well as an ornate dagger with a cobra carved into the hilt. Armadylo determined the dagger was mundane however party believed it still held some significance.
  • As the party was preparing to leave some naked old guy with a fist sized eyeball on his chest wandered out of room linked to the catacombs and shot fucking lighting at the party, severely injuring Mcgee and Willum. Thazgar speared old guy through the chest with a javelin, he died.
  • With the sudden turn of events the party decided to take and additional night to recover from the incident. Thazgar hard a dream about the eyeball, the party elected to ask a Shaman about it once they reached Akil's tribe.
  • Sauntering into Akil's village the party got a brief rundown of an entity called the weeping saint, and it was strongly suggested that if they manage to avoiding doing anything to further get it's attention it would loose interest.
  • Learning that Akil was prepping for a trip to Luxor the party oppted to go with him.


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