Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 2


  • Chasing the crazed knife wielding slaves from the last session the party encountered a Beast Master controlling some sort of human serpent hybrid, which they then killed.
  • Weary after the battle another freed  slave at apposition with the ones they encountered earlier led them to a warehouse where a second group resided.
  • The leader of the second group explained that after wiping out the cities upper class in a rebellion the slaves eventually deteriorated into gang warfare between two groups call the Citt and the Khal and had slowly been grinding each other down over the course of several months, with only a few dozen left in total.
  • As the Khal leader began trying to enlist the parties help, Willum speared him through the head and the group captive.
  • The party floated a few ideas including burning the Khal to win the Citt's approval. The party ultimately decided to use a path through catacombs to attack the Citt from behind, then sell the remaining Khal to Akil's tribe.
  • Following through the party took two Khal members and marched them through the catacombs to the Citt warehouse. The two Khal managed to bait an ambush from a giant two headed cobra, which devoured them.
  • After killing the Cobra the party decided to retreat back through the tunnel and quire more human shields. Unfortunately as they returned to the Khal's hideout they dicoverd that the Citt was in th middle of a full scale attack.
  • After a brief deliberation and repeatedly throwing a severed head at the bottom of a trap door until it was reduced to a pulpy mess the party decided to escape through the now hopefully unoccupied Citt base.
  • Also they collected assorted body parts from the Cobra. Mcgee took one of the skulls and began fashioning a helmet out of it. Aradylo collected the eyes and stored them for future use.


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