Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 8
The Gang Figths Crime Part 2
  • The Party brought the Burning Tower guy to the mind Whisperer.
  • Mind Whisperer removed information from the guys head and then fucked off.
  • The Party teamed up with the Town guard to siege the Burning Tower's hideout in the Western Warrens.
  • While the remaining mercenaries escaped the party managed to recover the city guard's pay chest and prevent any major catastrophes that might have happened been cause by the assorted gun powder stores
  • Willum managed to salvage a busted up flint lock rifle.
  • Party elected to take a month and then focus on taking over the Cock's Crow.
Session 7
The Gang Figths Crime
  • The Party had a very succseful first week running the Salty Slut, making back the brothel's up keep and a 300 percent profit.
  • Head out to make bank deposits and spend there cash the party found that the city guard had sealed off the Warrens in response to The Burning Tower hijacking their paychest a few days back.
  • Realizing that a curfew and martial law would be bad for bussiness, Willum, McGee and Armadylo voulteered to help sweep the western end of the warrens, Leaving Thaz in charge of the brothel, incase bad shit goes down.
  • The Party spotted a creepy Serpentman one of the guard called a "Mind Whisperer" and elected to stay as far away from it as possible.
  • The hung back and waited to see if anyone suspcious snuck by after the city guard passed. Long story shot they did, chased the guy down and caugth him.
Session 6
The Gang Takes Over a Brothel
  • The party decided take over a brothel.
  • Scouting out city the party found a dilapidated brothel in the warrens called the Salty Slut. goy some information about operational costs and profits.
  • Armadylo used his overwhelming charm to sign om with and upscale Whore House called the Snake Pit.
  • McGee wandered into the warens and recruited four homless peopel as a make shitft entourage.
  • The party forcefully took over the Salty Slut, keeping the owner on as the manager.
Session 5
Thaz gets into cock fighting
  • McGee and Armadylo get the magical eyes identified.
  • McGee burned some incense to honor Set
  • Thazgar bought 10 chikens and cock fightinging accessories.
  • The party decided to try and collect  a few bounties placed on members of the Burning Tower, a mercenary group fucking around in the city for the last few months.
  • Thaz, Armadylo and McGee Succesfully find one in a gambling den, Using Thaz's Cock fighting chicken as an in.
  • Mercenary discovered them and escaped.
  • Armadylo pulled his dick out again and was forcibly ejected from the gambling den.
  • Thaz's chicken was brutally disembowled in his first fight.
Session 4
Set, also Luxor
  • McGee prodded the tribe Shaman about Shem religion, then revealed that he was taking on snake like features because of his Barbarian path.
  • Party headed to Luxor down Set River, ambushed by archers.
  • Armadylo dumping his cobra eyes in the river mixed with the accidental blood sacrament from the archers was apparently enough to accidently summon an avatar of Set. Fortunately for the rest of the party Thazgar pacified by some sort will domination by Set, preventing further incident.
  • Mildly annoyed by the summoning Set demanded to know why he was conjured. Thinking quickly on their feet the party claimed that they were paying tribute to Set stating that the four dead were a sacrifice in his name. Between the four dead and a hastily assembled song and dance from Armadylo Set deemed the tribute acceptable and asked what the party wanted.
  • Willum asked for safe passage, Armadylo blurted out that he wanted unspoiling snake eyes, of which he received a clutch of four, Mcgee requested "power" and established a potential warlock patron.
  • The party made it Luxor without further incident and went about their assorted business.
  • Willum disappeared off on his own to visit a brothel and do secret shit, the rest of the party went on a shopping spree for weapons and armor.
  • Later on Armadylo and McGee went to the serpent district go find a magic guy to inspect the eyeballs for them, leaving Thazgar back at the inn to loose some money betting on cock fights.
  • The following morning as Armadylo, Thazgar and McGee were eating breakfast a quintet of raiders stumbled into the inn. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, however since the raiders were wearing a battle standard a battle standard Thazgar recognized from the destruction of his village, he took considerable offense and approached them. Fortunately Thazgar completely whiffed on his initial swing, McGee and and Aramdylo to defuse the situation knowing the were outnumbered. McGee leveraged his new serpentine nature to explain that his Barbarian subordinate was just drunk and for some incompressible reason Armadylo managed to bring everything else happening in the tavern to a standstill by pulling his dick out. 
  • With the entire situation now a farce the raider elected to leave before the situation deteriorated further, one of them particularly impressed by the dick pull explaining that they standard they were wearing represented Thanok Ure, the current Warmaster of Shem.
  • Seriously, near crit on a dick pull of all things, fucking bards.
Session 3
Master of Puppets... sort of
  • Traveling up into a Citt store room the party briefly raided a weapons rack before pressing onward.
  • With little to no effert the party detained the Citt's singular posted guard took him hostge. Armadylo tried to intimidate the hostage by aggressively juggling cobra eyes at him… but just sort of ended up spilling them on the floor.
  • After Thozgar, successfully intimidating the guard by screaming in his face, the party stacked two each on a pair of doors leading into the Citt's command center.
  • Mcgee forced his way into the room, hostage held at knife point where he found a masked man accompanied by a pair of Snakemen wielding crossbows.
  • Negotiations were attempted, The masked man had one of his guards shoot the hostage then mused about an explosion everyone heard in the distance.
  • In no uncertain terms the Masked Man explained that he was sent from Khemi to quell the slave rebellion. Instead of opening fire on the party he offered them a gold reward to kill up whoever might have survived the explosion a few blocks away.
  • Put off guard by the twist of events the party took the job and slayed the remaining Citt and Khal, briefly asking a coherent Citt for information on the Khemi Operative the half dead man rambled something about him bringing the serpent creatures from earlier and them winning Yig's favor, Them he was granted quick death in exchange for the information.
  • Returning to the Citt's former base the party found their promised reward as well as an ornate dagger with a cobra carved into the hilt. Armadylo determined the dagger was mundane however party believed it still held some significance.
  • As the party was preparing to leave some naked old guy with a fist sized eyeball on his chest wandered out of room linked to the catacombs and shot fucking lighting at the party, severely injuring Mcgee and Willum. Thazgar speared old guy through the chest with a javelin, he died.
  • With the sudden turn of events the party decided to take and additional night to recover from the incident. Thazgar hard a dream about the eyeball, the party elected to ask a Shaman about it once they reached Akil's tribe.
  • Sauntering into Akil's village the party got a brief rundown of an entity called the weeping saint, and it was strongly suggested that if they manage to avoiding doing anything to further get it's attention it would loose interest.
  • Learning that Akil was prepping for a trip to Luxor the party oppted to go with him.
Session 2
  • Chasing the crazed knife wielding slaves from the last session the party encountered a Beast Master controlling some sort of human serpent hybrid, which they then killed.
  • Weary after the battle another freed  slave at apposition with the ones they encountered earlier led them to a warehouse where a second group resided.
  • The leader of the second group explained that after wiping out the cities upper class in a rebellion the slaves eventually deteriorated into gang warfare between two groups call the Citt and the Khal and had slowly been grinding each other down over the course of several months, with only a few dozen left in total.
  • As the Khal leader began trying to enlist the parties help, Willum speared him through the head and the group captive.
  • The party floated a few ideas including burning the Khal to win the Citt's approval. The party ultimately decided to use a path through catacombs to attack the Citt from behind, then sell the remaining Khal to Akil's tribe.
  • Following through the party took two Khal members and marched them through the catacombs to the Citt warehouse. The two Khal managed to bait an ambush from a giant two headed cobra, which devoured them.
  • After killing the Cobra the party decided to retreat back through the tunnel and quire more human shields. Unfortunately as they returned to the Khal's hideout they dicoverd that the Citt was in th middle of a full scale attack.
  • After a brief deliberation and repeatedly throwing a severed head at the bottom of a trap door until it was reduced to a pulpy mess the party decided to escape through the now hopefully unoccupied Citt base.
  • Also they collected assorted body parts from the Cobra. Mcgee took one of the skulls and began fashioning a helmet out of it. Aradylo collected the eyes and stored them for future use.
Session 1
The Meeting
  • The Party met at an oasis where they killed a fuck huge lizard that had chased each of them up a rock over the last few days.
  • Traveling east to Tolkemec The party encountered a small caravan where they met Akil who was happy to know that the oasis was now unoccupied.
  • Arriving at Tolkemec the party found the city completely abandoned. Spare a group of freed slaves who had been running amok through the city.
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