Dicks McGee

(Dead) Gnome Folk Hero, ripped tommy pickles.


16 (3)
13 (
18 (4)
16 (
11 (0)
14 (+2)


Berserker, Path of the Totem Warrior

Heavy Crossbow
Snake Dagger
Regular Knife

Artisan’s Toolkit
Adventuring Gear



Came out of the woods one day and visited a village where he partied so hard he promised to take care of a rock golem bothering them. That morning they gave him his starting gear and bid him farewell. He then proceeded to fuck off to the middle of the desert where he met the party.

Home Life

Back in the woods lived our dear Richard “Dicks” Mcgee. He spent most of his childhood tinkering with various objects his family had come to own over the years. Bored with this simple life he took to the woods to explore and become closer to nature. Here his barbarian nature came to fruition, enjoying the woods, hunting, and generally having a good time. After a few years of wandering the woods he came upon a village, where the Legend began.

Village Escapades

Never having come into contact with humans previously, our Richard was surely perplexed and excited at the new opportunity presented to him. He had a wild nature to him from the years wandering the woods, but he was still a gnome at heart and took great interest in a variety of trinkets and tools the village had to offer. His first friend in the village was the mayors son. A young teen being groomed by his father to one day become the town leader himself.

The mayors son took a great interest in Richard, and it is from him he got his nickname “Dicks”. Dicks told of his early life and the many trinkets he tinkered with. The mayors son thought the traders would like to hear his tales so they took to the local tavern. Having never had drink before, and having a small stature, it didn’t take much for Dicks wild side to come out as he took great liberties with his stories. Jumping from table to table, even swinging from the chandelier, he put on a great show for the townsfolk.

At some point during the show, the Rock Golem was mentioned. It had been attacking the town occasionally, but the town guards had warded it off so far. After hearing all of his great tales the town had become convinced Dicks was capable of taking it down. The next morning the mayor had arranged for supplies to be given to Dicks to go face the rock golem. Of course Dicks, massively hungover and not at all ready to go do what they asked, simply left with no intention of returning. Full of supplies and new experiences he heads off to adventure.

Dicks, leaving the town, probably.

Post Town Travels.

Traveled by the nexus, and then up the river to the oasis.

Other Fluff

Amassing a small cult of homeless people. Cult of McGee.

Platoon 1:
1 Lieutenant, Bakar al-Rahmani, Head Instructor
14 cultists, 8 trained, 6 untrained.

Dicks McGee

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