Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 20

Busy Work

  • Party payed a visit to the library where they did a round of research, and stole some assorted texts. Library
  • Fayouta Tehn was inspired by the Ever-smoking bottle and is studying magic.
  • Fayouta Tehn kidnapped the young library clerk and is currently using him as a servant
  • Soarin paid a visit to the local Hemos branch and met with Richard Cyprian a fellow pseudo exile from Voluk Nur who agreed to look through some ledgers for him in exchange for Soarin running some errands.
  • Rashid did some stalking, started following a pair of high tier Yuan-Ti, one of which sort of fit the description he was looking for (Coincidentally the one who capped Dicks)
  • Rashid managed to briefly slip into the district surrounding the Pyramid by using Thu-Ban as a fake head to pose as a Malison.
  • Thanok Ure officially addressed the city, revealed that he crucified the four minions the party left at the Super Slut as well as the three junior priests Dicks was using as an emergency heal squad, the proceeded to “release” them by kicking them down a massive staircase while still nailed to the wooden cross sections.
  • Valyndra rescued the only survivor, one of the Priests name Brandon Sief, revealing herself and Soarin to Ure.
  • Rashid managed to contact the Priestess, who passed him the location of a defunct temple of Meretseger (loot). and escape the Pyramid District
  • Valyndra and Soarin took the kid to a Healer who was able stabilize him.
  • Rashid swung by Hamar’s to ask how the analysis of the construct head was going. Hamar pointed out a stamp on the skull’s inner plate labeled Vestinus Holdings an Ergonian tech conglomerate.
  • Fayouta Tehn found Jeff main but alive back at the ruins of the Super Slut, Jeffs in for revenge. (party want to get him a robot arm)
  • Thazzguar bought a really nice shovel and was draft a series of tunnels to link the assorted Guild locations.


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