Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 19

After Shock

  • Lietenant Bakar al-Rahmani has left the party’s employ torun the heroes guild full time.
  • Around half of Dick’s cult has left the party.
  • a newly recovered Rashid needs to find and Yuan-Ti Priestess dedicated to Meretseger
  • A Paladin named Valyndra Leoleth has joined the party believing Dicks was trying to start a rebellion.
  • Rashid Made his way back to the Super Slut with an old friend named Hamaar Safar, an armorer.
  • Hamar gave Thazzguar a good breastplate.
  • Sarek Dropped by the bar with Hansh, questioned the party, left them with one of the Assailant’s heads, it seemed to be from Ergonith and mechanical in nature.
  • Thanok Ure rolled into the city with a legion of buff lizardmen get it under control.
  • Valyndra convinced the party that Ure was scorched earth mother fucker and that they needed to get out of the ghetto.
  • The party bunkered down in the Chateau, leaving Jeff and a hand full of guards behind to hold down the bar.
  • Moving through the city the party spotted some large carnivorous avian creatures that looked like they where going to be deployed.
  • Luxor is now under a sundown curfew, under penalty of devouring.
  • During the evacuation Rashid discovered a journal left behind by the resurrected dude who existence pissed off Anubis.


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