Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 18

Cluster Fuck

The time for the parade held in Richard McGee’s honor had finally come around and it was a massive affair. The initial parade went off with minimal incident, Thazzguar and a few of the other guild members rented out a deck opposite the square to Display there new found influence and possibly recruit some of the other local owners, Armadylo and Franz where in charge of the newly reopened Chateau, meanwhile Rashid and Lietenant Bakar al-Rahmani where running a recruitment drive for their newly established business venture called the Heroes Guild. Dick’s Presentation was going along smoothly, Amon Thule was around nine tenths through his speech, he just declared that Dicks would be permitted to marry into the Snake aristocracy (explaining the presence of a Nightmare speaker) everything was great. Unfortunately this was around the time an assassin dropped down and struck the City Master.

Amon Thule, while a boisterous fifteenth foot tall Yuan-Ti Anathema didn’t respond well to having a large portion of his body torn into… He didn’t respond to well to the volley of musket fire the followed either. Fortunate for Dicks the size disparity between him and Thule led to minimal danger of crossfire. the pair of assailant that leapt on stage however was another issue. So Dick found himself at a moral crossroad, would he protect the City Master and further ingratiate himself with the Yuan-Ti, or take the opportunity to Slay the weakened Thule and claim power for himself. The Nightmare Speaker Seemed to be more interested in the later choice.

Apparently Thule was also actively suppressing an massive fear aura with him no longer suppressing that it managed to drive the Assassin away, however it also incited a massive riot.

Based on the form and technique of the Assassin Rashid extrapolated their identity and attempted confront them, a task of reasonable difficulty.

Mean while Thazzguar and the other Guild members where attacked the surviving son of Neroke Who brought a trio of buff lizard dudes with him in order to murder Willum (who was absent). The guild battle was a chaotic mess, Thazzguar went plummeting over the railing, someone summoned a pair of Spider-Snake Chimera, someone else fired off a petrifying gaze turning Neroke to stone (none of the part where there to see who) Thazz, Jack Sandweaver and his Half-Orc bodyguard where almost killed by one of the buff lizards until Fayouta Tehn made an appearance with an ever smoking bottle. Then they made sure to smash the now stone Neroke into pieces, Fayouta Tehn stole his penis too.

Meanwhile Rashid hand managed to catch up to an assassin named Lakia after a rooftop chase. Rashid was inadvertently exposed to an extremely powerful poison when Lakia shot him with a crossbow. Unable to follow Lakia any further Rashid made one last atmpt to plead with her to help them kill Khadesh, a master assassin responsible for killing Rashid’s village and family. Lakia made it abundantly clear that she served “The Guild Master” Inferring that her loyalty was much more “letter of the law” than sincere (also she was a Changeling). Unable to move without further spreading the poison Rashid took a seat on the roof, doing everything he could to slow the spread of the poison.

With the both the masked assailants and the Malisons protecting Amon Thule on their last legs Dicks took his chance and attempted to sever Thule’s head from his body. The wound wasn’t quite enough to kill Amon Thule who managed to regain consciousness just long enough to cast a Word of Power, rendering everything in his immediate radius with the exception of the mind speaker either dead or disabled. The last thing Rashid saw before he lost consciousness was the Nightmare Speaker Coup DE Gracing Dick’s unconscious body

  • Dick McGee killed
  • City Master Amon Thule potentially dead
  • Krisstar Neroke turned to stone and shattered, penis stolen
  • Heroes Guild established
  • Rashid Injured and poisoned
  • Rashid made a potential ally in the Assassin’s Guild (Changeling)
  • Hundreds killed in riot.


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