Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 15

Assorted murder plans

The following morning Willem was happy to Discover that Jack and Thruss liked his idea of starting a guild and singed on with him, making the newly built brothel guild four businesses strong.

The party floated assorted plans on how to stall the Tax Administrator from reaching the auction grounds. The party thought it was a good idea to case the area and see what opportunities presented themselves. Long story short Dicks bought a slave named Soarin and th eparty decided to use one of their powder kegs as a roadside bomb to kill the Administrator.

Rashid, Thazgarr, and Fayouta Tehn had a wierd side adventure where they stopped Rashid from being abducted and or killed by assassins that caught on to the rumor he was sowing. Rashid got a magical sword out of it, Fayouta Tehn got the majority of an assassin’s as well as a few of their teeth. Thazzgaur got to shout at people hanging from a rooftop like a gargoyle.


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