Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 14

The Usual supects

The Party Begins rebuilding the newly rechristened Super-Slut When Tyrone come by with Hanz and Franz’s plan to acquire the newly up for-sale Chateau of Painted acts.

Dicks has been informed that a parade will be held in his honor for preventing Anubis from murdering thousands of people.

The party cased the Chateau Where they met assorted local figure looking to purchase it such as Jack Sandweaver owner of the Sailor’s Choice, Jeko Thruss Owner of The Maiden’s HHea, Thassial Lethra, Feliz Gutman, and Arri Adfir a volatile Half-Drow Ship Captain.

While the Chateau was a pseudo powder keg, the party managed t break the tension with assorted song and dances, then some fat dick and his son showed up acting like they owned the place.

Willum started talking shit after that and stormed out of the Chateau saying that he was going to make a brothel guild.

Other stuff also probably happened, I got lazy with recaps.


JoeColo JoeColo

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