Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 13


Still basking in their successes form earlier that day the party was gearing up to open the Salty Slut for the night. The new hires seemed to be making themselves comfortable with their current situation, McGee had disappeared a little while ago with the minion who was seemingly resurrected causing the earlier scuttlebutt about necromancy, and Rashid was out sowing rumor of his survival in an attempt to get the attention of the cities assassin’s guild.

The atmosphere was generally relaxed and the brothel was actually fairly full thanks to the unusually cold weather. Everything stopped dead when a chilling metallic howl pierced the air through out the city, seemingly causing rainfall. Thazgar looked outside and realized that the rain itself was an oily black substance. reflecting on the manifestion of the Weeping Saint from the previous night he wisely put the inn on lockdown. With the doors barred and a trio of spear-men at every point of entry the party was well well prepared for the cascade of dog-men that seemed to be constituted of sand and the oily liquid that began seizing the tavern, thanks in no small part to Willem’s strategic competence.

After slay a few dozen of the creatures the assault briefly subsided. This break was cut short as a shining metallic dog-man standing ten feet tall broke through the wall. Intimidated by the creature, it’s adamantine surface, massive wing span and halo, the party and their underling opted to to attack this one. Anubis Took this break in the fighting to declarative carve some runes in the wall next to it, making his intention clear. The runes very closely resembled the ones McGee recent hire had that seemed to cause the problem last night.

Willum made it clear that in no uncertain terms that if the that if Anubis would withhold his minions from rampant scouring the city for the resurrected that they would deal with the problem. Anubis decided to humor this suggestion and withdrew the dogmen around the city.

Around this time McGee had dragged the resurrected to a town guard and asked what to do. The guard immediately put a spear through the man face and killed him. Meanwhile just outside the tavern the rest of the party where heading out and find McGee. After getting around a few hundred paces away from the tavern the party heard a crashing sound and turn to see Anubis flying off to the north seemingly satisfied.

Returning to the salty slut the party found it in slightly worse condition than they left it in. However there was a adamntine case with some magical items in it left behind.

Anyway that’s why you don’t resurrect people


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