Always Sunny in Luxor

Session 12

The Gang Hijacks a Boat

After a night of Saint interrupted dreams the party decided to cheer Thaz up by robbing a river caravan. The party met Akil out by the docks and decided to take him along, since he knew about a good spot.

On the way out of the city Mcgee noticed an unnatural cloud formation hang over the city but thought nothing of it.

The raid itself went okay, Thazgar accidently gave away his position before the ambush and took a crossbow bolt to the face, Mcgee lost a few of his minions but overall the raid was a success. In total the party collected 50 gold some heavy crossbows with ammunition, 2 kegs of black powder and two Burning tower member who thought working for the party was better than getting murdered on the side of the river.

Overall a successful day minus the clouds.


JoeColo JoeColo

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